Stainless Steel Puppy Pans

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    • Medium:$5.95
    • Large:$7.95
    • X-Large:$12.95
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    These puppy pans give your small pet easy access to food and water. Stainless Steel is hygenic easy to clean and durable. Especially great for flat faced puppies that have trouble getting into a taller style bowl.

    Size Guide:

    • Medium - Diameter: 20cm - Depth: 3.5cm
    • Large - Diameter: 25cm - Depth: 4cm
    • XLarge - Diameter: 35cm - Depth: 5cm

    • Stainless Steel
    • Dishwasher Safe
    • Low to Ground

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Stainless Steel Puppy Pans

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Stainless Steel Puppy Pans

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