FurBuster 3-in-1 Cat Grooming Glove

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    The Furbuster 3-in-1 Cat Grooming Glove has different textures for quick and easy grooming!

    The rubber side can be used wet to bathe, or dry to groom.  Different sized nubs allow for deeper cleaning.  The fabric side works like a lint brush - removes loose hair from pet, clothes or furniture.

    • Includes elastic strap inside for smaller hands
    • Machine wash cold.  Air dry.
  • Product Reviews
    By AmandaM
    This product is fantastic. My cat (a rescue cat) is scared of anything new and warmed to this immediately with a gentle start. It's so effective it's reduced the shedding to near zero. definitely recommend this product!

    Posted on Thursday 18 December, 2014

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FurBuster 3-in-1 Cat Grooming Glove

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FurBuster 3-in-1 Cat Grooming Glove

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