Rogz Lighthouse

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    No more lost toys - here is the Rogz LightHouse. It’s ergonomically designed to tempt your water-loving dog to brave the waves and surf to where it’s floating. The eye-catching red and white stripes are irresistible when bobbing in the water, and the cord makes it easy to throw. Play fetch, and get your mutt wet - you’ll both end up having a whole lot of fun.... and let’s not forget the exercise!!

    Super buoyancy
    Not only does it float, but it stands up just like a lighthouse! Much easier to spot in rough surf as it bobs upright.

    Easy throwing
    Grab the cord and swing the LightHouse as far as you can. Even easy for your kids to throw.

    High visibility
    The contrasting red and white stripes are specially visible to dogs and makes it easier for them to fetch their toy in any type of water conditions.

    Size Guide:
    Length: 24cm
    Width: 7cm
    Weight: 320g

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Rogz Lighthouse

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Rogz Lighthouse

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