Parrot Problem Solver

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    When not properly trained and socialized, parrots are prone to developing behavioural problem, including aggression and self-mutilation. Many parrot owners face these problems and need guidance on how to solve them. this is one of the only books on the market to focus on aggression in pet parrots. The author has many years of experience training birds and other animals in a wide range of settings, including Disney's Animal Kingdom, Six Flags Marine World adn the Chicago Zoological Society.

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    Barbara Heidenreich is a professional animal trainer and founder of Animal Training and Consulting Services, which provides animal training workshops to zoos and other wildlife facilities. She has written and lectured extensively on the training of parrots. Heidenreich is the president elect of the International Association of Avian Trainers and Educators.

    Hardcover - 170 pages


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Parrot Problem Solver

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Parrot Problem Solver

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