URS Heating Cord

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URS Heating Cord

Available in 4 sizes; 4 metres - 15 watt, 4.3 metres - 25 watt or 6 metres 50 watt or 9 metres 80 watt.

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    This is the break through in heating that we have all been waiting for at a very reasonable price. These heating cords are ideal for use in your incubators, no more changing blown globes all the time! They are also a great heat source for your reptile enclosures; you can place them behind a false wall or under a false floor.

    The list of uses for this heating cord is endless, you can even use it in your outside pits or enclosure because it is WATERPROOF. It has even been sold to a large boarding kennel to keep the woofers warm, the native rescue groups also love these heating cords as it helps keep a larger percentage of there rescued animals alive and we think that's great! Wired to Australian Standards.

    There are 3 sizes available, please make your selection when you order:

    Size = 4.3m - 25 watt
    Size = 6m - 50 watt
    Size = 9m - 80 watt

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URS Heating Cord

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URS Heating Cord

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