Health Chews Joint Support
[ VAN-03407 ]

Vets All Natural Health Chews Joint Support are a tasty natural supplement that assists in maintaining healthy bones and joints. It is ideal for supporting dogs that are active, large breed, older or recovering from injury.

  • Calcium assists normal growth and maintenance of healthy bones
  • Boron to maintain bone density
  • Zinc promotes healthy cartilage development
  • Vitamin C helps to maintain healthy cartilage, tendons & bones
  • Manganese supports bone development
  • Phosphorous to support muscles, bones & teeth
  • Sulphur assists to maintain healthy joints

Contains Kangaroo meat, Liver, Calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, flax seed, ginger, Vitamin C, sulphur, copper, zinc, boron, Whole herbs.

Suggested daily offering :
Dogs up to 5kg 1/2-1 chew
Dogs 6-25kg 1-2 chew
Dogs over 25kg 2-4chew

270g tub.