Tropical Fish - Guide to Owning

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    Soft cover - 64 pages
    Author : Neal Pronek

    Here is a book that every new - and even many an experienced - tropical fish fancier can put to good use: an identification guide to commonly available freshwater aquarium fish species, with practical advice about which ones are good for beginners and which ones should be avoided.

    The book covers every important group of freshwater aquarium fishes on a family-by-family basis, providing information and specific advice designed to mke the keeping of tropicals more enjoyable by allowing readers to head off trouble before it begins. The text is accompainied by beautiful full-colour photos that are immensely useful in helping to identify the species discussed, the bad actors as well as the peaceful species, the beautiful as well as the bizarre.

    • Guppies
    • Mollies
    • African Cichlids
    • Swordtails and Platies
    • Angelfish
    • Siamese Fighting Fish
    • Elephantnoses


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Tropical Fish - Guide to Owning

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