Discus - Guide to Owning


Discus - Guide to Owning

Provides readers with information on how to keep these beautiful fish and includes colorful photos of many discus varieties.

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    Soft cover - 64 pages
    Author : Mary E. Sweeney

    Long among the most sought-after of all tropical fishes because of their undeniable good looks, the various species and subspecies of the genus Symphysodon bask in an aura of majesty and mystery.

    Generally regarded as the royalty among aquarium fishes, discus assume a sedately regal bearing in keeping with their exalted status in the aquarium world. But discus are much easier to keep and enjoy-and even to breed successfully-than many hobbyists have been led to believe. The key to keeping these colorful and fascinating fishes is to know what they must be given and what has to be avoided, and this book provides readers with exactly that information-accompanied by colorful photos of many discus varieties.

    • Discus Water
    • Tank Preparation
    • Breeding Discus
    • Swordtails and Platies
    • Health Care


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Discus - Guide to Owning

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Discus - Guide to Owning

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