Dog Pyjamas by Hamish McBeth - Pink

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    Soft fleecy pyjamas to keep dog snuggly and warm during those chilly winter nights. Sleep with them on or walk out in style! Polyester fleece with cute designs.

    Machine washable and made from hypo-allergenic fabric for extra protection.

    Eight sizes available to fit small and large dogs. Measure from bottom of neck to base of tail. In between sizes - then go to the larger size.


    • Length 30cm
    • Length 35cm
    • Length 40cm
    • Length 45cm
    • Length 50cm
    • Length 60cm
    • Length 70cm
    • Length 80cm

    Stock comes in and out on a regular basis.

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Dog Pyjamas by Hamish McBeth - Pink

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Dog Pyjamas by Hamish McBeth - Pink

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