FuzzYard 03 Pink Hoodie
[ FUZ-03769 ]

Let your dog show their style and attitude with this super comfy dog hoody. Stretchable material combined with snap lock buttons make this a very comfortable and easy to take on and off hoody. Rose Pink for the cool and hip girls!

Seven sizes available to fit small and large dogs. Measure from bottom of neck to base of tail. In between sizes - then go to the larger size.

95% Cotton, 5% Spandex
Non-toxic, non-allergenic, machine washable.


Size 1 - Chest 38-39cm, Length 26-29cm, Neck 24-26cm
Size 2 - Chest 44-45cm, Length 30-33cm, Neck 38-39cm
Size 3 - Chest 51-52cm, Length 35-38.5cm, Neck 33-35cm
Size 4 - Chest 59-60cm, Length 40-41cm, Neck 37-39cm
Size 5 - Chest 66-67cm, Length 45-46.5cm, Neck 42-44cm
Size 6 - Chest 76-77cm, Length 59-62cm, Neck 45-47cm
Size 7 - Chest 86-87cm, Length 69-72cm, Neck 50-52cm

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