Rogz Grinz Ball

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Rogz Grinz Ball

A dog toy that floats, bounces, it's a treat ball and enjoy a game of fetch with your dog greeting you with a big toothy smile.

  • Product Description
    The Rogz Grinz ball features large grinning teeth so when the dog runs back with the ball, he will also greet his owner with a warm, toothy grin.

    The Grinz ball can be stuffed full of a dog's favourite treats, ensuring even the laziest of dogs will go after the toy. It floats, it bounces and acts as a treat ball.

    SIZE GUIDE (Diameter)

    : 49 mm
    Medium: 64 mm
    Large: 78 mm

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Rogz Grinz Ball

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Rogz Grinz Ball

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