Mastermind Circle Bird Toy

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    Mastermind Circle is perfect for those medium to large parrot geniuses that are ready to move up to a more advanced level of foraging.  Food or treats are placed under cones that are slid into the round channel. Birds must move cones to the top where food or treats will drop through the hole and be retrieved in middle chamber. Super strong polycarbonate will stand up to those big beaks.


    •  Place food / treats in cone
    •  Slide notched side of cone under the track overhang on the left side of toy, just opposite the indentation
    • Lower cone until it lies flat on the track, then allow to slide to bottom, repeat with other cones as necessary.
    • Bird must maneuver cones to the top of track until food/treats drop through hole and are dispensed in the centre chamber.
    • The use of multiple feeding stations will stimulate your bird to make alternative choices and continue searching for food while engaging in a rewarding, healthy activity.
    • A natural resolution to undesirable behaviours such as feather picking and excessive screeching.

    Measures : (8.5" x 10" x 3")

    Mastermind - Watch it in action!

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Mastermind Circle Bird Toy

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Mastermind Circle Bird Toy

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