Monster Walker Dog Leash
[ PPP-04141-D ]
The MONSTER WALKER is the ideal dog walking leash for the pets that really pull. Designed for dogs 10kgs. and larger, the simple non-choke design allows you to apply ‘safe’ pressure to your pet’s belly and not their neck-allowing you to easily control the most enthusiastic of pooches without harming them.

Finally...control the monster in your dog!

Monster Walker Easy Set-Up
  • Wrap leash around dog’s belly.
  • Thread handle and clip through metal ring.
  • Attach clip to the collar.
  • Adjust belly band for comfort.
  • Leash should be positioned along dog’s back, with belly strap in front of groin.
  • When your dog starts pulling, the leash contracts around the belly-stopping the dog in its tracks!
Now, enjoy walking your pal...

- Humane and safe, squeezes dogs belly, not neck.
- For dogs over 10kgs.
- Length 2-4 ft
- Colour Blue / Yellow