Lawrence Shedder - Small

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    The shedder is the most effective way to pluck out dead and semi-dead hair from any breed of dog. Regular use of the shedder also reduces hair on carpets or furniture.

    In the natural state moulting [shedding] takes place as the seasons and outside temperature changes. Most dogs live indoors and loose hair all year round. To remove this hair and keep the coat in good condition Lawrence have developed the SHEDDER.

    It is ideal for breeds like the Labrador Retriever and the German Shepherd Dog.

    Technical note - Dogs have three hairs growing from each hair follicle. At any time there will be dead, semi-dead and growing hair in each follicle and moulting [shedding] takes place as the dead hairs are replaced.

    Note:- some breeds eg. Poodles and Schnauzers do not moult as, like ourselves only one hair grows out of each follicle and from time to time must be cut.

    Regular use of the SHEDDER will prevent loose hair gathering in the dog's coat which then falls out as the animal rubs against furniture or on the carpet.
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Lawrence Shedder - Small

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Lawrence Shedder - Small

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