House Cat

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    How to keep your indoor cat sane and sound.

    Indoor cats are not deprived. . .

    . . . in fact, keeping your cat indoors can add ten or more years to his life. Here's how to add quality to those years. Along with the scoop on litter boxes, creating a cat-safe home, and achieving a truce between cat and couch, this updated edition supplies the latest on nutrition for indoor cats, new vaccines and medicines, coping with feline emotions, and other essentials that make life more rewarding for you and your cat.

    • Help an outdoor kitty become a happy house cat
    • Discover innovative new cat-care products and scores of online resources
    • Learn about new treatments and medications for common illnesses
    • Take the trauma out of travel (yes, you CAN train a cat to walk on a leash)
    • Find out how to provide basic nursing care and first aid

    Author: Chrisine Church


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House Cat

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House Cat

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