Lunge Leash Training Lead
[ DRN-04414 ]
The lunge leash is a powerful dog training tool that can be used to get your dog to come when called.

Heavy Duty Clasp
To ensure that your dog is always safely on lead. The clasp also has an easy to use, spring release on it so that it is easy to clip on and off your dog's collar or harness.

6 Metre Length
Giving your dog plenty of room to explore or allowing you to get a distance away from your dog for recall training or extended stay training.

Heavy Duty Polypropylene Webbing
Which means that the lunge leash is strong enough for any type of dog, even if it's a Great Dane or Mastiff. We could show you a picture of the leash towing a car but all you need to know is it is strong enough to hold any breed of dog.