Purifie Smellzoff Odour Absorber for Cat Litter
[ DRN-04427 ]
Purifie SmellzOff is a fragrance free, safe and organic odour remover that is specially formulated to be used in the pets environment.

Purifie SmellzOff for cat litter is designed to reduce the lingering problem of smell from the cats' 'deposits' by absorbing the floating odour molecule. It is highly functional while keeping it safe for your cat and your household. Just place 2 orbs approximately 5cm apart from each other, and let it do its Magic!

SmellzOff is amongst the best in its category and you will notice a remarkable improvement in smell reduction. It therefore allows you to prolong the litter change interval hence saving you extra money.

  • No more overwhelming smells
  • No more worries about harming your cat or your household with chemically laced fragrances
  • Can be used with most cat litters