Tuffy Rugged Rubber Bomb Toy

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    Made with 100% pure new rubber, these rugged toys are built to be tons of fun. Each is equipped with a durable rope so they can be thrown and whipped to great distances.

    Tuff Scale: 10
    For Dogs: 9Kg +
    Size: 15 x 15cm
    Squeakers: None

    Tuffy toys are durable, but not indestructable.

    Do Not let your dog chew on the rope. If you do not intend to use the rope to achieve maximum throwing distance, remove all portions from the toy before allowing dogs to play with the toy.

    : Your dogs safety is "Your" Responsibility . The Rugged Rubber Dog Toys are designed to be interactive play toys and not chew toys. No Part of any toy should be ingested. Injury may result. Inspect this toy for damage or cracking and, if found, replace immediately.

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Tuffy Rugged Rubber Bomb Toy

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Tuffy Rugged Rubber Bomb Toy

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