Kitty Love - My First Lead & Harness
[ MAP-04470-D ]
Fully adjustable, soft and comfortable walking harness with matching lead.

Free Bonus Toy: soft ball on elastic cord with bell.

21cm (front strap) smallest extension, to 33cm largest extension
9.5cm Length of strap between front and back straps
26cm (back strap) smallest extension, to 43cm largest extension

Lead is 106cm Long by 1cm Wide and the Metal Clip on the Lead is approx. 5cm Long.

Directions for Use:
  • Adjust the harness until it is snug and comfortable, ensuring it will not slip off.
  • Gradually accustom your pet to wearing the Harness - start with a few minutes and slowly increase the time.
  • Regularly adjust the Harness to fit securely as your kitten grows.
  • Never leave your harnessed pet unattended.
Available Options:
Baby Blue: