Aussie Dog Catch Ball Hard Red

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    Thick and durable compound prevents dogs being able to pop or chew the ball.

    Easy to pick up design especially for smaller dogs.

    The knobby surface prevents blockage of airways should a larger dog try to swallow the ball.

    Longer lasting 100% Safe and Non Toxic replacement for tennis balls which can be made from a number of nasty materials and pose a choking hazard.

    Weight: 0.20 kg
    Size: 9 x 9 x 9 cm

    Please Note: This ball is not bouncy like a tennis ball.
    Both Blue and Red Balls are made from a solid rubber compound.
    The Soft Blue is slightly softer than the Hard Red but both are hard solid balls.

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Aussie Dog Catch Ball Hard Red

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Aussie Dog Catch Ball Hard Red

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