Kumfi Complete Control Harness

Attached Chest and lower back
Attached to forward and lower back
Harness & Lead in Rein format
Used as a car restraint
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    This harness is so designed that it will do everything any other harness does.

    The DOG COMPLETE CONTROL HARNESS with three control points is simple to adjust with only two adjustment points. After adjustment it is also simple to fit on the dog. One of the side squeeze buckles can be left attached after adjustment is completed. To fit place on the dog by putting its head through first, lift one leg through the snapped up loop then snap together the remaining buckle. The reason for the fitting of the two side squeeze buckles rather than one is that the tummy strap and indeed the whole harness provides for a much more stability, it does not slip or pull over to the one side when attached to a lead, nor can the dog back out of the harness if it is adjusted correctly.

    The harness is unique in that it has three control points, the back, the shoulders and the chest. Any one of these points can be used for exercise and/or control and with the double hooked training lead or a double trigger hook adapter any two. All points have benefits and the use of the double lead or adapter on any two points together further aids control. The chest control ring has a hook and loop holder for safety to hold the control ring flat to the harness when this ring is not being used or the dog is being exercises free.

    GENERAL EXERCISE for calming, kinder and comfortable control and an aid to stop pulling. Any one of the three control rings can be used in tandem or individually. For extra strength and the ultimate in control, use the double hooked lead (Dual Purpose Lead) with any two of the control rings. The harness may be left on the dog for lead free training i.e. for exuberant exercise, this includes running or indeed swimming. With the handgrip dogs can be lifted or aided from the water, over styles, fences or in and out of the car.

    CALMING & STOP PULLING Evaluation and testing has proved that the fitting of the harness has a distinct calming effect on excitable dogs. The use of any control point or the use of any two together is an aid to stop pulling. It is common knowledge that the fitting of any harness or head-collar has this calming effect on a dog and additionally with this harness as it is extremely comfortable and hugs the whole of the torso hence the calming effect is very marked and extremely beneficial. The ultimate in control to stop pulling with this harness is, with the double lead, clip both trigger hooks to the chest front control ring and pass the lead at either side over the dogs head like a set of reins (Rein format). See photo of the Bullmastiff above.

    SIZE GUIDE (breeds indicative only):

    38 to 50 cm
    : Westie & most Terriers

    45 to 60 cm
    Large Terriers, small Springer's & Collies

    55 to 76 cm
    : Labrador, GSD, Retriever

    Extra Large:
    70 to 95 cm
    Large GSD, Rottweiler, Mastiff

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Kumfi Complete Control Harness

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Kumfi Complete Control Harness

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