Kumfi Complete Control Lead
[ PAC-04614 ]
Ideal for training or exercising, multi-functional, can be used for walking two dogs, training guide enclosed.

Kumfi Complete Control Lead is made from high quality soft nylon for comfort, strength and durability. It has been designed as a multifunctional training and safety lead and its multiple functions help provide greater control of your dog. The Complete Control Lead also provides a great solution for walkers with two dogs enabling you to walk them both on one lead.

Fitting Guide: (Ideally, use with the Kumfi Kombi Collar or Complete Control Harness.)

1. Long Length Lead
Clip the end trigger hook to the closest D ring to form a handgrip.

2. Medium Length Lead
Clip the trigger hook near to the triple fabric with the D ring furthest away. Medium length is ideal for training or walking and allows for hands-free training for smaller dogs.

3. Standard Length
Clip the end trigger hook to the D ring near the triple fabric. This is the standard format for walking and training and can also be used for the hands-free training of medium to large dogs. The triple fabric is used as a handgrip for close contact and for town or traffic walking.

4. Two Dogs
Clip one trigger hook to each dog and hold the centre of the lead fabric.

5 Tethering
Pass the end trigger hook over, through or around the tethering point. Passing the lead around a post twice will stop it slipping down.

Medium - 1.9 X 203cm (3/4" X 80")
Large - 2.5 X 203cm (1" X 80")

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