Scream Cooling Pad Silver

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    For the ultimate way to keep pets cool over hot summer days, try the Scream Cool Mat. The Scream Cool Pads assist in keeping your pet cool by absorbing body heat & dissipating this back into the air through evaporation via the areas of the cool pad not in use. This is better for your pets than laying on an already cold surface. Scream Cool Pads are suitable for dogs, cats and small animals. The gentle cool in this soft and smooth mat is ideal for use all year round to sooth aching muscles and ageing joints.

    The Scream Cool Mat is the safe option for relieving pets from the heat. These mats do not require any power source to operate, so there are no dangerous wires or batteries that a pet can chew through. There are no running costs as you do not need chilled water or electricity to make the Squirt Cool Mat work.

    The Scream Cool Mat will work anywhere your pet decides to rest, making it the ideal travel companion to warmer destinations. The Cool Mat conveniently folds for easy storage or to fit into the pet’s home, crate or pen.

    Available in a range of sizes:
    • X-Small 40cm x 30cm
    • Small 40cm x 50cm 
    • Medium 65cm x 50cm

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Scream Cooling Pad Silver

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Scream Cooling Pad Silver

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