Jack Russell Terrier - Guide to Owning

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    This ever-popular and spirited breed is introduced to the novice in this complete and well written guide all aspects of life with a Jack Russell. Providing information about his colorful exciting history, this invaluable book will help educate the reader on everything from selecting a Jack Russell puppy to the special care that the breed requires to keep him healthy, active, and happy. A necessity for all Jack Russell owners, it invites the reader into the world of responsible dog ownership and promises to help him form a rewarding relationship with the Jack Russell.

    • History
    • Selecting
    • Housebreaking
    • Health Care
    • Training

    Soft Cover - 64 pages
    Author : George Kosloff

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Jack Russell Terrier - Guide to Owning

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Jack Russell Terrier - Guide to Owning

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