Starmark Treat Dispensing Chew Ball
[ DRN-01630 ]

The Fun Treat Dispensing Ball is an interactive toy designed to keep your dog mentally stimulated in an activity he naturally enjoys. It's made from an exclusively designed material that is both durable and puncture resistant to hold up to even the toughest chewers. Fill it with Every Flavor Treats or any snack your dog loves to keep him busy even when you aren't home. Turn meal time into a game by filling the Everlasting Fun Ball with your dog's food instead of feeding him out of a bowl.

  • Provides hours of mental stimulation and physical activity
  • Dispenses small treats or kibble
  • Rolls, bounces and floats in water


Diameter: 7cm
Weight: 90g

Diameter: 9cm
Weight: 170g

Diameter: 10.5cm
Weight: 270g

If your dog is a strong chewer, we recommend selecting next size up.

Product Comparisons: Everlasting Fun Ball

Chew Ball vs Rubber Toys

The Everlasting Fun Ball is made of a proprietary elastomer-type material that was specially formulated for StarMark to hold up to even the toughest chewers. The material is puncture resistant and allows the ball to stretch and be pulled without tearing.

Chew Ball vs Plastic Toys

Since the Everlasting Fun Ball is made from a soft material, dogs enjoy chewing on it more than a hard plastic toy. You will never have to worry about sharp edges as a result of chewing on the Everlasting Fun Ball, and it won't harm their teeth and gums chewing on it.

Chew Ball vs Other Interactive Toys

The holes in the top and bottom of the Everlasting Fun Ball are large enough to enable you to easily fill it with your dog's favorite treats, while still be challenging for your dog to get the treats out. Because of the design of the holes, there is no need to use peanut butter or anything else to keep the inner treats from falling out.

Everlasting Fun Treat Dispensing Ball - Watch it in action!

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