Aussie Dog Home Alone Large

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    Home Alone Entertainer - For the dog that destroys anything - the washing, the plants, barking, separation anxiety or just wants to have fun!

    For the dog that requires a food stimulus to make it play place a small amout of food in the ball, making a fuss so the dog can see what you're doing. In the dog's attempt to to reach the food by pulling the grip food will fall around the dog and it will release it's grip to get the food. The assembly will spring back above it's head.

    • Safe & Durable, 100% Australian made!
    • Hanging bungie ball toy provides hours of tug o war fun in the yard while home alone.
    • Dispense treats and rattles for extra stimulation.
    • Great for the dog that destroys the washing the plants or the backyard.
    • Also helps prevent barking, boredom and separation anxiety.
    • Spare Parts are available should they be needed over time.

    For dogs 30 to 50+ Kg with "large bite" including Boxers, Labradors, Spaniels, Setters, Pointers, Dobermanns and Airedales.




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Aussie Dog Home Alone Large

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Aussie Dog Home Alone Large

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