Aussie Dog Tucker Ball Small
[ AUD-00637 ]
Not only a food ball but an entertainment toy as well.

Fill the ball with a small amount dry food and watch the fun. Food is dispensed from the ball at random as it rotates. When the ball is empty the rattle will continue to keep the dog amused.

100% Safe and Non Toxic and will not pop, shatter or crack.

Primarly for light framed medium dogs, Fox Terriers and Jack Russells.

Size Guide:

Size: Small
Diameter: 10 cm
Weight: 0.12 kg
Material: Plastic
Dog Size: Small: 5-10 kg dogs

Also available in other sizes (diameter)
Mini: 8cm
Small: 10cm
Medium: 15cm
Large: 19cm

WARNING: Using a smaller TuckerBall for large dogs could be dangerous as the ball could present a choking hazard.