Parrot Training and Behaviour
[ BKW-00690 ]

The cheeky, intelligent parrot make a fantastic pet, but it is essential to provide the correct care, training and socialisation. This superbly illustrated guide is an indispensable handbook for the caring owner.

Learn all about:

  • Parrot Personalities
  • Socialisation
  • Training
  • Solving Problems
  • Teaching Tricks

    Author Annette De Saulles, an expert on all aspects of avian care, has made a special study of parrot behaviour.

    Hardcover - 80 pages

    Table of Contents:

    • Introducing the Parrot
    • Buying a Parrot
    • Setting Up Home
    • Off to a Good Start
    • Socialisation and Training
    • Having Fun
    • Problem Behaviours
    • Grooming and Health