Sentinel Spectrum Chew Large Dogs - Blue 6pk


Sentinel Spectrum Chew Large Dogs - Blue 6pk

Blue - For Large Dogs 22kg-45kgs. Prevents heartworm, controls all worms, prevents and controls fleas, treats flea allergy dermatitis in a beef flavoured tablet.

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    SENTINEL SPECTRUM Blue for Large dogs 22kg-45kgs is the most convenient way to get 3-in-1 parasite protection against heartworm, intestinal worms - including tapeworm - and fleas. One delicious beefy flavoured tablet given once a month with a full meal, all year round is all it takes to give your dog a lifetime of protection against the most dangerous worms and fleas.


    • Can kill, cause heart disease and organ failure
    • Untreated, advanced cases can kill within 72 hours of symptoms appearing
    • Spread by mosquitoes, so all dogs are at risk 

    Intestinal Worms


    • Cause diarrhoea, vomiting, abdominal pain, stunted growth and a pot belly appearance
    • Roundworm are present in most puppies when born and can also be picked up by dogs from soil 


    • Cause bloody diarrhoea, which can develop into anaemia and in extreme cases death
    • Attach to the intestinal lining, leaving bleeding intestinal wounds
    • Are picked up from the environment, and passed through faeces of infected dogs
    • Larvae can be swallowed or can penetrate the skin
    • Can be dangerous for all dogs, especially puppies


    • Cause bloody diarrhoea and anaemia
    • Are picked up from the soil, and passed through faeces of infected dogs
    • Frequently evade detection 


    • Live in the small intestine
    • Cause irritation around the anal region
    • Are picked up by eating fleas or uncooked offal from infected animals
    • Can cause serious risk to humans


    • Can cause extreme discomfort and a serious canine skin condition called flea allergy dermatitis
    • Spread tapeworm, another parasite that may affect your dog

    Before using Sentinel Spectrum, it is recommended to confirm with your veterinarian that your dog does not have heartworm.

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Sentinel Spectrum Chew Large Dogs - Blue 6pk

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Sentinel Spectrum Chew Large Dogs - Blue 6pk

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