Aussie Dog Staffie Ball

[ AUD-00627 ]
Product Review By RayF
Posted on Friday 11 December, 2015


The ball in picture didn't turn up. Another "brand" perhaps. Very hard, not much of a bouncer. You need steel cap boots to kick it when interacting with the dog. Otherwise, a hoot. The "Chupacabre" we own - mix kelpie, staffy, ridgeback, and whatzit, has commandeered it but poor dear cannot get purchase with her teeth so growls and whines and generally spends hours trying to "beat the ball". In contrast, I bought her a soccer ball, tossed it to her straight out of packet. She punctured it in, I kid you not, about 30 seconds. So, money well spent.

OzPetShop Replied:
We have now updated the photo as the photo of the ball mentioned above was of the older Aussie Dog Staffie Ball.