Aussie Dog Staffie Ball

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    If your dog destroys every toy or ball you have ever given him, then this is the one for you. The ultimate hard wearing ball for the hardest player of them all.

    Originally Developed for lions, tigers and bears, the Aussie Dog Staffie ball is an extra thick and durable ball with internal rattle. It will not pop shatter or crack and is one of the only toys guaranteed for a Staffie.

    This ball can not be crushed even under the bite force of a lion.

    • Super tough durable plastic
    • 100% Safe and Non Toxic.
    • Can be sanded smooth if ball becomes roughed up over time.
    • Safe & Durable
    • Australian made.
    • 12 months warranty against dog chewing a hole in the ball.

    Weight: 1.3 kg
    Diameter: 24cm
    Material: Hard Plastic

    Note: This is not a soft and bouncy ball like a football it is an Aussie Dog Staffie Ball

    Watch it in action.

  • Product Reviews
    By RayF
    The ball in picture didn't turn up. Another "brand" perhaps. Very hard, not much of a bouncer. You need steel cap boots to kick it when interacting with the dog. Otherwise, a hoot. The "Chupacabre" we own - mix kelpie, staffy, ridgeback, and whatzit, has commandeered it but poor dear cannot get purchase with her teeth so growls and whines and generally spends hours trying to "beat the ball". In contrast, I bought her a soccer ball, tossed it to her straight out of packet. She punctured it in, I ..
    Posted on Friday 11 December, 2015
    By JulieG
    I have a Kelpie/Cattle and a Staffy/Bull Arab and both my dogs love this ball. They can destroy balls in minutes or weeks but this ball has so far lasted months and my staffy plays with it daily, pushing it around the backyard and bumping it into brick walls. It is indestructible! Brilliant ball!

    Posted on Wednesday 25 December, 2013
    By SimonR
    One of the best toys for staffy's. Mind you mine did manage to destroy it.

    Posted on Wednesday 07 January, 2009

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