Automatic Pet Feeder PF-05

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By EliciaV
So far so good, disappointed that it didn't come with the volume control insert, i have a kitten so need this part included as he can't reach the food at the bottom.

Posted on Monday 27 June, 2011
By PaulS
Awesome, I'm a FIFOworker on the mines in WA. I can set the feeder for the 4 days I'm away and when I return the dogs all good. Have used it for about 3 years. Awesome, paid for itself in the first week.( Dog walker cost us Approx $105 per week in Perth !!

Posted on Sunday 14 November, 2010
By AmandaQ
While buying 2 of these has reduced my stress level over getting home in time for feeding my cat & dog and given me back a social life, unfortunately we are only able to use 3 of the compartments and have had to stick the unit together with gaffa tape. Why? Because the cat is at it ALL day trying to get at the food. She can not only open the sliding cover, she has taken the unit apart (I came home to it lying in pieces on the kitchen floor) and eaten 4 days worth of food in one afternoon. So..
Posted on Monday 15 June, 2009
By SarahP
This pet feeder is a God send when you know you'll be out on the town, or working late. Also great for feeding the cat in the morning, without having to rouse myself at 6am, or put up with paws on the face and a wet nose in the ear. Just remember you do have to reset it after 4 feeds, by pushing one of the start buttons (today or tomorrow). The verbal announcement is cute and plays 3 times. But as our cat know the sound of the machine starting to turn the dish, the announcement is no ..
Posted on Monday 16 March, 2009
Results: 1 to 4 of 4