Aristopet No Scratch Spray

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    Get your cat to use a Scratching Post INSTEAD of the Furniture!

    New from Aristopet is No Scratch for Cats Spray, a spray formulated to discourage the pet cat from destructive behaviour.
    It's quite natural for a cat to scratch furniture, bedding or other valuable items in an attempt to keep their claws sharp, often doing serious damage in the process.

    No Scratch for Cats Spray contains a blend of essential oils that discourage cats from scratching the treated area. No Scratch Spray has a mild odour, which is pleasant to humans but obnoxious to cats. 

    We also recommend using a Cat Scratching Post in conjunction with No Scratch Spray to accommodate your cats natural instinct to scratch and claw. One of the reasons cats scratch is to deposit a familiar scent, its your cat's way of marking its territory. Cats can't resist sinking their claws into the rough surface of a scratching post. Start by placing the scratching post as close a possible to the article you want to stop your cat scratching. Once your cat starts using the scratching post gradually move it (over a period of days) to a more desirable position.

    Cats, being cats, we do make some disclaimers with the product (see label) where we advise that some habits may be hard to break.

    Low Toxicity, Herbal Formula Prevents Cat-astrophes!

  • Product Reviews
    By KateB
    This seems to work! I sprayed it on the back of the couch every couple of days and haven't heard or seen a scratch since. I also bought the catnip spray to put on the scratching post but she doesn't seem to like the post. Oh well, as long as the couch isn't being destroyed.

    Posted on Tuesday 20 January, 2009
    By MaryB
    This works!!! I sprayed it on my chairs and couch and sprayed 'cat nip spray' on her scratching pole and from then on she preferred the pole. Hurray!

    Posted on Thursday 12 October, 2006

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Aristopet No Scratch Spray

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Aristopet No Scratch Spray

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