Sporn Double Grip Leash
[ TPP-01268 ]

The Sporn Double Grip Leash is the quality nylon lead with 5 uses!

  1. Short Traffic Lead - Perfect for Puppy Training!
  2. Medium Range Grip - using Dual Handles.
  3. Elongated "Call and Response training".
  4. 2-Dog Lead! 1-7ft
  5. Child-Dog Training - Children Love It!

ASPCA approved and recommended by trainers and veterinarians. The Sporn Training Leash ensure a dog's proper training by offering his walker a complete range of options for better control and manageability than conventional leashes.

This Multi-functional leash features :

  • Anti tangle swivel
  • Web Keeper
  • Handle snap - for Dual Handle or Second Dog
  • Adjusti-Buckle - for Handle length or 2-Dog length
  • Plush Comfort handle
  • Steel clasp to attach to the collar

Available in Black only.