Cozy Calming Mat


Cozy Calming Mat

Filled with buckwheat can be microwaved to provide warmth.

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    Your Kitten needs...
    to find a place where she feels warmth and comfort while beginning to bond with your family

    Your Adult Cat needs...
    a cozy safe place to rest and relax with defined boundaries to encourage secure feelings

    Your Senior Cat needs...
    easily accessible, yet sturdy spot of her own, where she can rest and relax

    The Cosy Calming Mat is:

    • Filled with buckwheat and can be micro-waved to provide warmth
    • Chewy streamers offer added interest
    • Durable plush shell can be machine washed as needed
    • Microwave for approx. 30 seconds, stays warms for 45-60 minutes

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Cozy Calming Mat

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Cozy Calming Mat

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