Black Dog Ute Lead

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    Black Dog Ute Lead  - Stainless Steel Snap Hook & Carabiner (Nickle plated metal slider).

    • 25mm wide
    • Stainless Steel Carabiner
    • Stainless Steel Snap Hook
    • Adjustable length from 45cm to 70cm.

    Adjustable Length Lead to attach and secure your dog while traveling in the back of a Ute (Pick-Up).

    Stainless Steel Carabiner on one end, Stainless Steel Snap Hook on the other, for strength and so the Ute Lead can stay out in the weather.  Unfortunately we can't source a Stainless Steel slider - so this is nickle plated.

    You can adjust the length to allow your dog some movement around the Ute, but keep it safely within the tray area. While this lead is very strong, it should not be used with a dog prone to chewing leads.
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Black Dog Ute Lead

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Black Dog Ute Lead

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