Walky Dog Plus Bike Trainer

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    Allow the dog to share the fun of a bike-ride! Don't leave him at home anymore while you ride your bike! Let him come along and enjoy the pleasure of a run in complete safety for both of you!

    Unlike similar brands, the Walky Dog can be installed on a bike in under five minutes and can be easily disconnected from the bike in less than one second. Once initially installed, the WalkyDog snaps on and off, converting to a leash in seconds! It keeps the dog away from the wheels and pedals for maximum cycling safety. The length of leash can be adjusted to suit large or small dogs. The WalkyDog Bike Trainer is an innovative way to take dogs cycling.

    • It grants the full safety of the trinomial biker-bike-dog in each single moment during riding
    • It allows the biker to safely indicate the change of his direction, since no hand is engaged in holding the dog
    • It allows both the biker and the dog to train together, keeping both guys fit
    • It can be easily disconnected from the bike in less than one second, when you are using your bike without your dog
    • It can be transformed in a damped leash in practically no time, thus allowing the biker to control his dog also when not riding the bike
    • It can be installed on the bike in less than 5 minutes by everybody
    • It can be easily moved from one bike to the other
    • It is universal, meaning that you can install it on practically all types of existing bikes: mountain bikes, city bikes, new bikes, old bikes, small ones, big ones, etc 
    • It doesn't request any training for both the biker and the dog
    • It is very light and absolutely not cumbersome
    • It can be used on all types of terrain, both on-road and off-road, always keeping the safety of your driving unaltered
    • In case of accident, it grants that the dog does not detach from the bike, dangerously wondering among the traffic

    June 2008 - Customer Testimonial - "Hi The bike walkie has worked so well on my wheelchair I thought I would buy another for my other wheelchair ".

    *"Please note that the saddle clamp on the "WalkyDog Bike Trainer" which attaches to the seat pole of the bicycle is produced from a cast steel process with a zinc coating. In some situations surface rust will be noted on this fitting which can easily be removed if desired but the integrity of the fitting is not effected nor will this effect other components of your bicycle."

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Walky Dog Plus Bike Trainer

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Walky Dog Plus Bike Trainer

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