Superfleece Stay Dry Pet Mat

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    Keep your pet high & dry! This synthetic Stay Dry Mat lets dry air circulate through your pet's bedding keeping them warm, dry & comfortable. Flea, chew & stain resistant, it is machine washable & pre-sterilised - perfect for the older pet or young puppy in training. This is the matting that vets & breeders use in their carriers & cages - it is autoclaveable - meaning it can be sterilised under pressure (impressive huh!). Great for whelping boxes with a puppy training pad on the other side of the whelping box.

    Available in grey and in 2 sizes as follows:

    Size - 45 X 61cm


    The OzPets week old pups using the Stay Dry mat in their whelping box, keeping them warm and dry in the early stages of life. Just put some newspaper underneath, no matter how much they piddle it is always dry. Also pictured is the Deluxe Heat Pad. Both of these products are great for the young and old.

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Superfleece Stay Dry Pet Mat

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Superfleece Stay Dry Pet Mat

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