Kong Kickeroo for Kittens
[ EST-02962 ]

The Kong Kickeroo for Kittens are filled with a generous amount of catnip. Specifically designed for energetic young kittens who are discovering the world of cat toys. Created with soft fabrics and whismsical colours, the toys in the Kong Kitten line will appeal to kittens and owners alike.

The Kickeroo for Kittens is designed to promote realistic wrestling and hind-paw kicking. Watch your kitten attack, wrestle and snuggle with its Kong Kitten Kickeroo. With an ultra-soft exterior, cats love to curl up with the Kickeroo when playtime is through. The fluffy tail provides movement for extra excitement.

Don't be surprised if the Kitten Kickeroo becomes your kitten's favourite toy.

Colours and patterns may vary depending on stock availabiliy.

Approx 22cm including tail