Springer Bike Attachment

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    Springer Bike Attachment Manufactured in Norway. The ultimate bike accessory to allow you and your dog to safely ride together. Fits most regular, touring and mountain bikes, not recommended for children’s bikes. Bike frame sizes 25-36mm.

    Unlike other bike attachments Springer is designed with a low centre of gravity, the effective point that the dogs pull from is the bottom of the “U” in the tube. The large spring on the Springer (giving Springer its name) takes up to 90% of the force of your dogs pulling without causing any excessive movement in the bike. Therefore you can be assured you will feel completely safe and comfortable without feeling like you will be pulled off your bike, no matter what direction your dog tries to pull. With the Springer Bike Attachment you will have no more worries about the other dog off to the side, or the cat that runs across the track in front of you.

    Once you have set up your bike it is easy to remove or attach the Springer in a matter of seconds by just removing the pin and sliding the Springer off (or sliding on and adding pin to set up); this way your bike is ready to go with or without your dog, but let’s face it, who wants to ride alone? For safety reasons it is recommended not to attach the Springer to your dogs collar, but to bike your dog with a harness, our Mendota tracking harness is ideal as it has a large D ring at the back to attach the Springer too.

    Invented and manufactured in Norway with heavy-duty steel, this product is strong enough to last you a lifetime, and still look good. Since its release in Europe in 1988 there have been over 600,000 Springer’s sold, why not add your dog to the list of happy hounds and buy the best gift you will ever find for exercising your dog.

    - Great Exercise and fun for both you and your dog!
    - Easy to install and quick to remove!
    - Always both hands on the handle bars!
    - Safe and easy to bike - even with big dogs!

    SPRINGER bike attachment - Watch it in action!

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    By PeterH
    Awesome product, it took about 40 min to install and test as the first install the pedal hi the walker. Took my dog out for a ride today and after initial trepidation was so easy, the spring really took the pressure off when my dog pulled, Would recommend it, very easy to use and finally have found a way of wearing my dog (a Labrador) out

    Posted on Thursday 20 February, 2014

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Springer Bike Attachment

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Springer Bike Attachment

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