Skid Stop Slow Feed Dog Bowl Blue

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  • Product Description
    The SkidStop Slow Feed Bowl is a heavy duty plastic bowl designed to slow rapid eating and prevent bloat and discomfort for medium sized pets. Slows down your dog’s eating by up to 5 times compared to a regular bowl!

    The bowls have a thermoplastic, anti-skid base to prevent the bowl from sliding around on the floor while the pet is eating.

    The large interior with four triangular indentations to deter your canine to get the food out of the bowl

    Thermoplastic heavy-duty rubber base
    Rust and bacteria resistant durable plastic bowl
    Dishwasher Safe

    Size Guide:
    • Medium : 400mL
    • Large : 700mL
    • Jumbo : 1.5L
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Skid Stop Slow Feed Dog Bowl Blue

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Skid Stop Slow Feed Dog Bowl Blue

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