Black Dog Treat Pouch Maxi

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    A new style of the Black Dog Wear Maxi Treat Pouch - New size and new Spring Closure.

    A Maxi Sized Pouch for Professional Trainers - perfect for those intensive training sessions, or when using more bulky treats.

    Belt length - Minimum  85cm  to  140cm  Maximum
    This new style of the Maxi Treat Pouch is narrower and deeper than the original - it sits more comfortably around your body and does not protrude as much when closed.

    The pouch is 21 cm wide X 24cm deep and has a new style spring mouth closure, which opens and closes more smoothly than the old style (without the bitey snap!).

    A great treat pouch if you use larger treats such as cheese chunks, or cubed sausage. This Maxi Pouch opens wide for easy access and the material is coated for easy cleaning.

    The Pouch has a Waist Belt attached, it has 2 Mesh Pockets - for holding Training Clickers, or Pick-Up Bags - a D Ring and Small Clip on the front to hold a Snub Lead, or whatever you choose to clip on.

    The new style Spring Closure mechanism opens and closes more smoothly, yet still holds tightly closed against inquisitive dogs' noses.  

    Like all mecanical items, these spring hinges will work best with lubrication, so make sure you lubricate the hinge ends on your new pouch (with petroleum jelly - Vasenline) and apply regularly to ensure the pouch continues to operate smoothly for a long working life.

    Maxi Pouch - 21cm wide and 24cm deep - in Black only.
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Black Dog Treat Pouch Maxi

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Black Dog Treat Pouch Maxi

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