Squirt Shampoo for All Dogs

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    Squirt's Range of Stuff is exactly the stuff you and your pooch have been looking for.

    Squirt Shampoo for all dogs (Kahlua & Pina Colada sweet smelling flavour) is a professionally formulated soap free shampoo that contains a unique blend of ingredients to offer your dog an exceptionally clean coat, yet is extra gentle on the skin and leaves the coat with a silky sheen. SQUIRT Shampoo for all dogs is a mild formulation that is gentle enough to use daily, keeping your dog clean, healthy and active at all times.

    While we may often treat our dogs like humans, undersand that they are different to us in many ways and they need diferent stuff to us humans. A dog's skin is more sensitive than ours and the hair on their bodies is, in fact, different. Human hair has a pH level of 4.5 to 5.5, but a dog's skin and coat has a much higher pH level of 7. The shampoo you use on yourself is not suitable for your dog.

    275ml - pH7 - suitable for use with flea and tick treatments

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Squirt Shampoo for All Dogs

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Squirt Shampoo for All Dogs

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