Hol-ee Roller for Birds


Hol-ee Roller for Birds

Activitoys for Parrots are great stimulation for larger breeds of birds.

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    The Insight Activitoys range is designed for larger breeds of birds.

    Parrots require stimulation and exercise for their well-being. In its natural habitat the parrot's keen mind, extraordinary senstivity to the environment and physical prowess are all utilized in daily activities.  

    The Hol-ee Roller for Birds has been designed to provide stimulation and exercise for your parrot. Prevent boredom, and destructive behaviour with the Hol-ee Roller for Birds!

    Did you know? A variety of toys is a necessity to your bird's mental and physical health. Problems such as feather-picking are often a result of boredom, and offering challenging toys is a great way to keep your bird occupied.

    Tough 100% Natural Rubber Birdy Toy. Hang from the top of the cage near a perch were your parrot can easity reach it.

    The dimensions of the toy are 10cm in diameter with a 10cm long chain/bell.

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Hol-ee Roller for Birds

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Hol-ee Roller for Birds

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