Transcat Small Dog Door

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    The Transcat Small Dog Doors are designed to fit into glass doors, panels and will fit on most ranch slider type doors. Any glass panel positioned near to floor level can be used. A circular hole is simply cut by a competent glazier and your Transcat fitted. The dog door is ideal for Beagles, Poodles, Terriers and dogs of similar size.

    The Transcat Small Dog Door can be fitted to thciker panels or solid core wooden doors or walls by providing a 385mm diamater hole.

    Features :

    • tough construction
    • clear unobtrusive appearance
    • 4 way locking
    • magnetic catch
    • will fit most ranch slider type doors

    Measurements are Diameter - 400mm.
    The door itself measures 24.5cm high and 28.5cm wide.

    Tip: If you are unsure whether your fully grown dog will be able to fit through the Transcat Dog Door we recommend that you make a cardboard template and see if your dog can climb through comfortably. For puppies you should take advice from the breeder or other professionals as to what size your puppy is likely to grow.

    The Transcat Samll Dog Door has been manufactured in response to a need from dog owners. This product has been designed to meet that need and it has been widely accepted by consumers but new purchases should be aware that, when unlocked, the door opening could allow a small child to squeeze through.

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Transcat Small Dog Door

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Transcat Small Dog Door

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