Heat Pad - Deluxe Model Large 3 Heat Control
[ WAP-00532 ]
The DELUXE model Heat Pad - Features
  • Large 400mm x 300mm size suits all pets - even larger dogs
  • Low voltage supply-authority approved power pack means safe comfort for your pet
  • Sherpa Slip Cover included - keeps heat pad clean & removes easily for laundering
  • Three heat control switch allows you to choose the ideal warmth for your pet
  • Low running costs - Just cents per day
  • Great for new litters
  • Safe warmth for elderly & sick pets
  • Pads may also be very beneficial for arthritic pets
  • The ulimate low cost Winter comfort for your pets!
  • Enjoy the contented expression on your pets' face
  • 100% Australian made
  • High heat setting is 16 watts, Medium 9 watts and Low 5 watts.
  • Newborns should start on the Highest Heat Setting.

2 year manufacturing guarantee. Does not cover damage by chewing, moisture or wilful damage.

All WARM.A.PET products are C-Tick compliant.

NB - All models are unsuitable for use on trampoline style beds or other un-even non-flat surfaces as they are a rigid construction that is not flexible.

Some Helpful Tips for Using the Heat Pad:

Place it on 15mm of (flat) badding material such as a firm thin mattress or flat newspapers. This will provide insulation and generate warmth from the pad. You pet's weight will also contribute to this insulating effect.

Not Warm Enough? Add more (flat, firm) bedding underneath - remember your pet will add insulation so check warmth of the pad when you pet has been in bed for a while.


"Star" and her pups using 2 of the deluxe heat pads, keeping babies nice and warm.
They are also using the Snooza Stay Dry Mat.

These Heat Pads have now been superseded by the new carbon model, which are not only better but cheaper! Check them out...

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